The other ancient race in the world, Dwarves are short and broad. Known for their military tradition and craftsmanship, Dwarves are a noble people. There are two disctinct kinds of dwarf, although they are not so different.

-The Hill Dwarves of the Varten Hills are a strong people. They are strong willed, and hardworking, and resourceful. Honor is lost on them, while survival is something that they feel is much more important. Better to run away and fight another day than die because you’re too stubborn to realize you’ve lost. They view their mountain cousins as pompous and, more importantly, foolish. While they respect them as master artisans, they feel the work they do is too ornate. Better to have an axe that cuts than an axe that looks nice.

-Most Hill Dwarves make a living as miners, working the hill for what resorces they can find. Some work as smiths, taking the metal pulled from their mines, and working it into anything from weapons and armor, to simple housewares and everyday items. A typical Hill Dwarf will have a much shorter beard than a mountain dwarf, and keeps it simple. They are known to get symbolic tattoos, sometimes for their clan, sometimes to show that they have participated in certain battles.

-The Dwarves of the Dawn Forge Mountains are considered quite noble when compared to their hill cousins. Tradition runs deep in their culture and honor and duty are important these proud people. Whether that be in the military sense, or anything in their daily lives, a Mountain Dwarf is dependable. Mountain Dwarves tend to look down their noses at anyone not of their kind. Elves are seen as lazy, Humans irrational, Hill Dwarves shifty.

-Most Dwarves of Dawn Forge work as artisans. Some as priests or as traders. They are known for their military tradition. but few still work the mines of Hammerfast. They covet gems and gold. Mountain Dwarves keep their beards long and complicated. They decorate them with ornate clasps and symbols.


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