Historical Knowledge

Hobgoblins once had an empire in which bugbears and goblins were their servants. This empire fell to internal strife and interference from fey creatures, whom many goblins hate.

Ruins of the tiefling empire of Bael Turath and the dragonborn empire of Arkhosia are frequent in the world. These empires fought each other to their mutual destruction long ago.

Nerath was the most recent world empire, and was human and tiefling created. It collapsed following a war with organized gnolls and orcs, and internal corruption.


This setting is unique in that there is no indisputable worldly evidence of any god’s existence or power. Commoners who don’t tend to believe strongly in a particular faith will generally think that a cleric’s powers are not god-given but instead are a delusional version of the same sort of mystical powers a wizard or a warlock wields. This means that effectively in the world gods may not even exist, or may in truth be something completely different than they seem. True believing clerics have true faith, instead of a certainty through experiences that their gods exist and grant them power to follow a chosen path. Even the very faithful are without undeniable evidence that their gods exist, and are thus subject to doubts like anyone else.


Early dwarves were slaves to titans and giants. Those that did not escape became azers and galeb duhrs.

No one knows how humans came to be.

Elves have decended from creatures in the Fey Wild.

The places of the gods (as well as uniform dogma) is unclear at best, as even most civilized cities do not have shared records or much communication.
Nothing is known of planes, devils and demons, or angels, or any other purely planar being, and effectively they do not exist in the setting,outside of ancient myths.

Arcane Knowledge

Despite numerous attempts, there are no large organized magic guilds or networks of information.

Major cities were once linked with Teleportation circles, but almost none are still functioning.

Undead are soulless husks. They are powered purely through arcane power, the same way you would power a toy car with batteries. All supernatural powers appear to be of an arcane origin. People believe that arcane power may be what powers all life.


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